About Us

Welcome to the Sport Scientist where our mission statement is to help optimise the performance of athletes putting them in touch with their true potential.

Fitness Training

Fitness training is the discipline concerned with the physical conditioning of the body in order to sustain stamina, strength and flexibility to ultimately allow the athlete to perform at their peak. Using a range of methods and through the application of the FITT (frequency, intensity, time, type) principle athletes (and the general public) of all abilities can reach their goals whether it be weight-loss, fitness for sport or simply rehabilitation. The Sport Scientist will supply the knowledge of how best to utilise these techniques keeping you to up to date with new and improved methods of training.

Sports Therapy


Sports Nutrition

The foods we eat are of prime importance for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The standard way for the general public to monitor their diet is through the food pyramid (or plate) ensuring members of the general public could monitor their servings per day. The area of Sports Nutrition is concerned with the study of diet in relation to athletic performance with the foods we eat having a major effect upon an athletes energy levels during competition. The link with diet and performance is evident when looking at particular sports such as weightlifting and other strength based exercises, as well as receiving a lot of interest in endurance based sports. The Sport Scientist aims to provide athletes, coaches and parents with the knowledge of the correct nutritional intake for a range of activities therefore helping to reduce the risk of illness and injury.

Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology is a Sport Science discipline that involves the study of psychological factors and their effect upon an athletes performance. Understanding these effects and thereby using the correct techniques to train the mind can ultimately enhance an athletes performance dramatically. At the Sport Scientist we introduce the athlete and coach to these techniques and help the athlete reach their peak performance through the use of Psychological Skills Training (PST) techniques. We help the athlete and coach to learn how to deal with the effects of factors such as anxiety during high pressure situations or the use of arousal control to maintain optimum performance for longer.  There are many ways that the Sport Scientist can help you gain a psychological edge over your opponent helping you to achieve success.